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Re: New sign up form? [message #7386] Mon, 11 February 2013 22:57
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Announcing projects would be a good idea. So far I do have more people to ad to the three projects list I have mailed on the EMAIL HIDDEN .
Other members (not participating in a project) might just ask questions about the ongoing projects at a set meeting - this way they would know what other members are working on.
Does the current sign up form include something like "Where did you find out about EMS?" "How did you decide to join?" .. this would help in budgeting for the awareness efforts.

On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 12:06 AM, Weston Turner <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

On another note, if people have skills and projects they want to share with the group, we should probably have some sort of more or less formal presentation night, i.e., colloquium on a semi regular basis. This sort of event could also be broadcast to members and the general public, and be a big draw to the shop on off/non-open house/open-hack nights.

If this idea is of significant interest, we should start

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